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Solutions and FAQ


  • Is Payment By Check Accepted? You have the option to pay by check at the end of the checkout process, simply click the 'pay by check' box and complete the instructions on the following page. Within one business day of receiving your fax, support will register you for the requested event(s) and you will receive a confirmation email. Payment must be received one business day prior to the start date of your course in order to access program content.
  • How Do I Access My Certificate? To complete your certification requirements and to download or email your certificate, start by logging into your account. Then go to your, ‘My Account,’ page. Click on the orange button with a star, similar to the image below: This will launch a certification window with sections that can be expanded to complete. After all of the tabs are green, opening the last tab will let you download your certificate to print or email.
  • Are Discounts Available If Multiple Webcasts Are Purchased? A variety of webcast packages are available in our catalog, however if you or your firm is interested in bulk purchase options, contact Anne Taylor at for more information.
  • I Need To Change/Cancel/Refund My Course To request a change/cancelation/refund of your course, send an email to with your Name Email Address Phone Number State Society Date & Name of Webcasts We aim to handle your request within one business day, and will contact you with the result.
  • Am I Able To View Webcasts As A Group? To request group webcast pricing and information, navigate to the program you are interested in in the catalog, and click on the 'Go' button under the 'On-Site Group' headline as shown below. This will take you to a form that you can fill out to request more information on our group webcast options.
  • What do I do if I missed one of the codes or am having trouble with my certification? For any certification issues, contact Anne Taylor at 972-377-8199,
  • What Do I Need To Do Receive A Certificate of Completion? To receive a certificate of completion, you will need to keep track of four unique codes. These will be displayed in the upper left corner of the viewer, and each code will be repeated at least once. If you are missing one or more codes, please contact support at (877) 602-9877 or Once the webcast is complete, navigate to the Certificate tab and select Participation Codes. Enter the codes in the order you viewed them and hit 'Submit'. Once the codes have been accepted, click on 'Download Certificate' and you will have the option to either download or email yourself a copy of the certificate.
  • I Missed A Code/Can't Access My Certificate If you missed a code, continue saving the codes you do see through the remainder of the presentation. If you have trouble completing certification for any reason, then please reach out to us at (877) 602-9877 or for assistance once the presentation has ended.
  • Trouble Signing In? (1) If you are receiving the below error message when trying to sign in on this website to view online education: Please ensure you have no typos in your entered customer account email address. Please note that while you may have an existing customer account under your state association’s website, a customer account on this website will be a separate account. You are safe to create a new customer account by clicking on “Sign In” and clicking on the “I am a New Customer” button. (2) If you are receiving the below error message when trying to sign in on this website to view online education: Please ensure you have entered your password in correctly and you do not have CAPS Lock engaged on your keyboard Please reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link OR Click the "Send Email Login Link" button which will email you a link for a password-free sign-in. If you don’t know what your user information is, or it isn't working for you, please contact the Help desk at (877) 602-9877 or to have your login information reset.
  • How do participation codes work? Letter codes are shown throughout certain types of programs (such as Live Webcasts) to confirm attendance to complete Certification. For all ACPEN live webcasts and live webcast replays, there will be 3 attendance codes shown per hour. Each letter will display twice. If the program uses participation codes, there will be an introduction video that plays at the very start of your program explaining how these codes work. Selecting the, ‘Save Letter Code,’ button will save this code in the Participation Code section of your Certification process. However, if you select, ‘Save Letter Code,’ and the code was scheduled to display an additional time, you will not see the repeated display as you have already acknowledged and entered the code. We also recommend writing down each of these participation codes as well. Saving the letter code is for your convenience, but knowing the codes proves attendance.

Technical Issues

  • What do I do if I can’t hear the audio? Please Note: If you are logging into a computer remotely using VPN, Citrix, or a cloud-based work environment, you may not hear the audio, so please log directly into your account page not using a remote environment. If you are not connected using a remote environment, Please try the below suggestions to troubleshoot your audio issues. First, please try refreshing your entire viewer page by going to the Help tab in the viewer and clicking on the "Reload Viewer" text link to refresh the page and reload the program. ​ Please Note: that if you are viewing the program using the Microst Edge or Firefox browser, the audio can be muted and unmuted from the video viewer tab. If the issue continues - please see troubleshooting steps below: Please try the below suggestions to troubleshoot your audio issues. First, please open a new tab (CTRL + T in most browsers) in your browser and go to and click on any video to confirm you're able to hear audio. This can confirm whether this lack of audio is an issue with your machine or with the program. If you are not able hear audio on a YouTube video the issue is with the audio settings on your computer/device Try closing the viewer tab, returning to your online account and launching the viewer again by clicking the green Launch Viewer button under the title of the course. External Speakers Confirm speakers are plugged in and powered on. Confirm the volume is turned up on the speakers. Confirm that the speakers are plugged into the correct port on the back of the computer. Internal Speakers (Laptop) There often is a "mute" key on the keyboard for muting audio on laptops. Try clicking this and/or the volume UP key. If you click this icon you can adjust your overall system's sound settings. System Volume There is a speaker icon next to the computer clock in lower right corner of screen on Windows computers. If none of these solutions work and you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at or at 877.602.9877
  • What is the web address of my state society’s ACPEN site? Alabama Society of CPAs - Alaska Society of CPAs- Arizona Society of CPAs - Arkansas Society of CPAs- Colorado Society of CPAs- Connecticut Society of CPAs- Delaware Society of CPAS- Hawaii Society of CPAs- htt:// Florida Institute of CPAs - Georgia Society of CPAs - Iowa Society of CPAs - Idaho Society of CPAs - Indiana Society of CPAs - Illinois CPA Society - Kansas Society of CPAs - Kentucky Society of CPAs - Society of Louisiana CPAs - Maine Society of CPAs - Maryland Association of CPAs - Massachusetts Society of CPAs - Michigan Society of CPAs - Minnesota Society of CPAs - Missouri Society of CPAs - Mississippi Society of CPAs - Montana Society of CPAs - North Carolina Society of CPA's - North Dakota Society of CPAs - New Hampshire Society of CPAs - New Jersey Society of CPAs - Nevada Society of CPAs - Oklahoma Society of CPAs - Oregon Society of CPAs - Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs- Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants - Rhode Island Society of CPAs - South Carolina Association of CPAs - South Dakota Society of CPAs - Tennessee Society of CPAs - Texas Society of CPAs - Utah Society of CPAS - Vermont Society of CPAs- Virginia Society of CPA's - Washington Society of CPAS - Wisconsin Society of CPAs -
  • Who Do I Contact If I Still Have Questions? If you still have questions, you can contact support by phone at (877) 602-9877 or email at
  • My video is stuttering, buffering or not playing correctly There are a couple of main culprits that may cause streaming playback issues. We've found the following troubleshooting steps correct the vast majority of buffering or stuttering performance issues. Any option by itself may clear up the playback issues. Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and is also no longer supported for program playback. If you are unsure of what Internet browser you are using, you can check by visiting this link. If you are on Internet Explorer, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge TEMPORARY VIDEO PLAYBACK ISSUE If your video has stopped momentarily and this issue isn't occurring consistently, please try refreshing your entire viewer page by going to the Help tab in the viewer and clicking on the "Reload Viewer" text to refresh the page and reload the program. If reloading the video doesn't seem to resolve the issue, here are some more suggestions: CONSISTENT VIDEO PLAYBACK ISSUE STEP #1: LOCK ONTO THE LEAST DEMANDING VIDEO STREAM You may be having intermittent issues with your Internet connection. This solution will lock you into the lowest available video stream that may smooth out your video playback experience. Hover your mouse over the video player Hover your mouse over the HD text at the bottom right of your video player Select the lowest number listed to lock your video onto the least demanding video stream. If video playback issues continue - move on to Step #2 below PLEASE NOTE: If you are on a Mac device and/or using Safari, the HD button is not present. In order to lower the stream speed, you will need to switch to the Google Chrome browser. STEP #2: ​SWITCH TO AN ALTERNATE INTERNET BROWSER Your Internet cache in your browser may need to be cleaned/cleared out. If you are unsure about how to clear your browser cache, an alternate, easier and quicker option is to try switching to a different Internet browser to continue viewing the program. If you're on Microsoft Edge - try switching to view the program on the Google Chrome browser. Other popular browsers such as Opera and Firefox are compliant with program playback. Following this step resolves the vast majority of playback issues. PLEASE NOTE that Internet Explorer is no longer a supported web browser. If you are attempting to view the video content using Internet Explorer, you will be required to switch to a current web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or if you are on a Mac, Safari.. ​If any video playback issue persists, please contact Support for further troubleshooting.

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